The House of Prayer for All Nations


ZLC's vision is to cultivate, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, a projectile institution in which God's nation of people can experience spiritual growth and a holistic Godly proclivity toward a personal mission, vision, and purpose in Christ Jesus.


ZLC's mission is to teach, preach and instruct in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. To assist in the transformation of the believer and spiritual seeker through the process of the Holy Spirit utilizing intentional christ-centered doctrine to bring one from religion into relationship with God. We believe that this will be accomplished through the unity of divine and human exhibition of Godly love, compassion, creation of a Christian cultural community consistent with the characteristics of Christ, and integration of Christian values to the world through humanitarian works and social engagement.

What We Believe/ Statement of Faith

We believe that we should earnestly contend for God's standard of salvation according to the Apostle's doctrine. In the Word of God we find nothing short of a holy, Spirit-filled life with signs following as on the day of Pentecost. (Acts 2:4; 8:14-17; 10:44-48; 10:1-6, Romans 12:1-2, Hebrews 12:14). The only ground upon which God will embrace reconciliation with man is through repentence from the heart for the sins that he has committed. (Psalm 51:17, Luke 24:47) We believe in water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the receiving of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues as the spirit gives utterance. (Acts 2:38; 10:44-48; 19:1-6).

ZLC has no current organizational affiliation. We were founded on the principle that "holiness is a lifestyle", and the Apostolic doctrine is reflective of the christ-centered life that God has destined for ALL nations.